What To Do If A Dog Attacks And What Should Do And Do Not When A Dog Attacks You?

Sometimes when we walk in front of someone’s house, walk in a park, do a jogging, or do a bicycling in a street there is someone’s dog is untied, suddenly we are pursued, snapped at and attacked by an aggressive dog. Although we are aware that we do not do anything that can disturb him, that dog still bits and attacks us. In that situation, we will get a panic directly because this case about life-threatening. It is between our life and the dog’s life that has to be maintained which is a bit serious to be decided. It is about what about if that dog kills you or you kill the dog? Thus, what to do if a dog attacks and what should do and do not when a dog attacks you?

What to do if a dog attacks you

A dog can attack someone because of the motion on his or her movement especially in bikers, joggers, and runners’ case.  They will be the dogs’ prey to be attacked. What to do if a dog attacks is calm down, do not panic. If there is an enough time try to take something to be your shield in order your body is not attacked directly by that dog. If there is a chair, you can do it as a self defense. You can also use your jacket if you wear it. Take the arm’s sleeve and put it on the dog’s face. Let the dog pull the jacket off and go from that area slowly. Do not forget to protect your throat chest, and face. If you must be bitten, do not let the dog bits your thigh because it can be a fatal bleeding and life threatening. The safest area is the forearm when he bits it.

What to do if a dog attacks you ?

When the dog feels a threat to itself or his territory, he tends to attack the human who passes him. Do not run, it will trigger the dog to make you as his prey. What to do if a dog attacks you are just ignore the dog completely and avoid the communication between you and the dog in order to prevent a chance of provocation, ward the eye contact off in order to prevent the dog feels our panic, turn your body and move slowly away. If those are not work, ask someone who is near with you for their helps. Remember to not hit the dog, because it will heighten the dog’s anger. Beside do not spray his face by using a pepper spray, because it will make the condition getting worse.

What to do if a dog attacks you is distracting the dog by using other objects. If that dog still threatens you, give him something to be chewed. Your jacket, your bottle, your shoes, or anything else can be used to make an adequate time in escaping. However, if you are still bitten just use both of your hands to manage him. Try to grab his back legs and raise it off the ground. You can also use your weight to manage it. you can bring your body weight on that dog and pushing the dog down using your elbows or knees. The dog is only a biter not a wrestler. Thus, you can break the dog’s bones quickly. You can also sit astride on that dog by using your partial body weight and pressure the back of his neck until the help comes for you.

Remember, do not run and be panic. What to do if a dog attacks you is calm down and move slowly. You are also not allowed to spray a pepper on his face, fight him back, and shouting. Do hope it will be a good information for all of you.

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