VR Viewers Top Of The Range


VR Viewers Top Of The Range

With this viewer you will spend a little 'more, but you will have the ultimate in comfort. First enter the smartphone is easy and access to each port (even you may also use the display if it slips a finger inside remains completely open). E 'extremely light, compact and convenient, in addition to having the double and resistant bands that do not feel nothing for her weight. Then we have the knobs to adjust perfectly the eye distance. Build quality is also excellent, with a solid and robust design. The compatibility is with displays ranging from 4 to 6 inches in diagonal.

Best VR viewers Samsung Gear VR


Samsung Gear VR is top of the line with regard to viewers of virtual reality for smartphones. First of all it is the most ergonomic viewer that exists https://teknorus.com, and that weighs less when it is worn for a long time. Unlike other viewers, this is equipped with its own sensors that can recognize the position of the head perfectly, and in addition connects to the smartphone with micro USB. Specifically, the present sensor is the accelerometer, gyroscope and proximity sensor. The field of view is immense for the views 360 degrees only. We also have the presence of a touchpad to control our smartphone even if it is inside. The viewer is compatible with the device by Samsung Galaxy S6 up.

Best VR viewers Samsung Gear VR V2

Finally we have the second updated version of Samsung Gear VR. With this model you can display augmented reality in a unique way, besides the fact that you can also take pictures at 360 degrees by simply moving your head. We have the same build quality of the predecessor and a renewed trackpad. In addition, this device has the compatibility with the entire range of Samsung Galaxy devices released in 2015.for the maximum adaptation.

And then in this recorder is support for Blu Ray is very important for watching movies in high definition. The purchase of this recorder is Also equipped with software for installation in any PC. E 'included in the package Also a SATA cable to connect the recorder to the motherboard, and there are Also the screws to secure it not really miss anything. For a complete and at peak efficiency Also purchase price is not too excessive, so we decided to recommend this model especially.

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