Oysho, The New Line Autumn Winter 2014 2015


Oysho, The New Line Autumn Winter 2014 2015

Oysho presents the new line autumn winter 2014-2015. Underwear, homewear and gymwear. A sophisticated collection, but especially young convenient, dedicated to all those women who seek perfection in comfort.

Lingerie, coordinated to wear at home, and sports leaders: is the fall-winter 2014-2015 collection of Oysho, dedicated to a demanding woman at any time of the day on the tip of comfort.

Even Oysho, as they did other trademarks point to a color palette that does not go unnoticed, going from classic neutral tones, the most loved by women, the pastel shades that even this winter have literally caused a stir.

The mood as always is very young, but the details are sophisticated, nothing absolutely ordinary and banal, anything. Even for the cold season, the brand offers us a range of very varied solutions, with a selection of bras ranging from models and from classical forms to the most daring and intriguing finish.

Cups stuffing, push up models, and classic bras, all seasoned with a series of eye-catching suspenders that you can also put on display, especially those with embroidery lace effect. To classic outfits in black and white alternate with a series of decidedly iteressanti shades like baby pink and burgundy, emerald and teal green. Alluring also the body collection, finished with lace bands and also ideal to wear under a jacket.

Even complete Oysho collection with many heads to wear at home, for a comfortable look but jaunty, and with the new Gymwear line includes pants, leggings sweatshirts and even quilts. Enjoy a preview capiù most beautiful autumn winter 2015 Oysho directly in our gallery.


Photography and fashion come together: custom cameras by stylists

Photography and fashion come together: custom cameras by stylists. Leica choose Moncler, while Canon relies on Stella McCartney.

Fashion and photography are two worlds are closely linked and essential. fashion icons have become such, often in collaboration with photographers and, in return, large photographic artists have had their chance of success thanks to the services commissioned by the big fashion brands. It was only a matter of time, therefore, before you see the cameras by great fashion houses.

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For the new Haute Couture collection for Dior, Raf Simons launches into an exploration of the past, but is also connected and reaching the present and the future.

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