Natural Endometriosis Treatment


Natural Endometriosis Treatment - Many women suffer from cramps during their period. However, chronic menstrual pain and torturous cramps are not normal. More than 176 million million women around the world, suffered from this torturous cramp which is part of a condition known as endometriosis.

The inner lining of the uterus, known as the endometrium, contains tissue that is shed during menstruation. In some cases the implanted endometrial tissue is outside the uterus and continues to develop (most often ovaries, fallopian tubes and other pelvic structures). Women with endometriosis often have significant pain, cramps, and may even struggle with infertility. It is not fully known what causes endometriosis.

In addition to the medications prescribed by your doctor, some lifestyle changes have proven beneficial for women suffering from endometriosis. Here is the treatment of endometriosis naturally.

Natural Endometriosis Treatment

Reduces Excess Estrogen: It is clear that excessive fat can cause estrogen production to rise. This increase in hormones often affects endometrial tissue and intensifies pain and bleeding. Maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding sources that cause excess estrogenic compounds can help relieve symptoms. This includes reducing exposures such as PCB and BPA found in plastic and packaging materials.

Reducing Stress: Studies show that women with endometriosis often experience elevated levels of stress. Eliminate this stress with physical activity and focusing on emotional health leads to improved quality of life. Add 10-15 minutes of meditation each day. You may need to start with 2-3 minutes per day and gradually the time continues to be added. Sports such as walking, swimming, and yoga are also helpful.

Increase Omega-3 intake: Research also shows that a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids may lower the risk of endometriosis. Adding omega-3 fatty acids to your diet is quite simple. Choose foods such as flaxseed, tofu, salmon, and soybeans.

Acupuncture: Studies show that acupuncture can significantly reduce painful periods and pelvic pain. To ensure the best safety and results, visit a licensed practitioner who has previously treated patients with endometriosis.

Turmeric: This spice provides wide anti-inflammatory benefits in various diseases. If you are helpless because of a painful period, consider adding turmeric in your diet.

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