Modern Dining Room It Must Not Fail


Modern Dining Room It Must Not Fail

In each house, the dining room is a shared area which can be fitted and organized in many ways as a standalone room, or as an integrated space in the living room or in the kitchen, with a large table or on the contrary, with a small . The important thing is that the environment in which we consume our meals is also an environment where we share pleasant moments with family and friends. For this reason, the important thing is that the dining room becomes a comfortable setting in which you always feel at ease.

And then come to this little journey through different styles that will help you create your own dining room.

An island immersed in the color ...

A win in the next example, edited by PDV Design Studio, is undoubtedly the bold and modern combination of blue furniture Serenity and central island with a wooden facade. The color scheme also includes a very curious and amusing combination of style, able to satisfy both the most current tendency, that the practical needs of a classic cuisine.

A kitchen pop

A house where wood and pop style coexist Yes, the immediate environment knows how to impress guests and welcome them with a burst of vitality. Framework, seating and lighting evoke the spirit of the 50's; in parallel, the rough wood of the floor, walls and ceiling heating as a niche throughout the kitchen and the dining room, where the modern features of the island's central and kitchenette sets are blended with those around it rustic.

A modern set of wood

The wood and steel become perfect accomplices in the next small modern kitchen. The Scandinavian flavor that distinguishes it creates entirely contemporary and bright atmosphere because of the shape and the materials used. The light color and golden island with sink and top floor dining is leitmotif of the entire environment, so even covering the sessions and mobile front cooking and working surface. To illuminate the table, a chandelier hanging from the glam aspects that embellishes with a waterfall of light bulbs and shades of black fabric.


Two faces, two features!

The kitchen island is here protagonist, as well as multi-functional element. Its two faces, one turned towards the wall that houses the cabinet with stove and turned towards the dining room, making it extremely versatile and ambivalent. So it arranged the environment has on the one hand a comfortable washbasin for culinary activities, on the other hand, an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture, which furnished, divides naturally the first functional area from the second.

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