How To Save Space In The Living Area 6 Solutions


How To Save Space In The Living Area 6 Solutions

In modern houses the living area is now the focus of everyday life. The living is in fact the place where the family gets together for meals and to spend free time together. For this reason it is so important to be able to make it as broad as possible, choosing the right furniture and the most strategic solutions. Then let us be inspired by the advice of our experts and discover together 6 practical solutions to gain space in the living area.

1. We create openings in load-bearing walls

A highly effective way to expand the perception of space in the living area is to give dynamism in the environment, creating intriguing effects of full hollow. For example, we might consider the idea of creating openings in bearing walls In addition to the gates, we could also get small niches, perfect to be used as shelves or real bookstores, as we see in this proposed AT & OUTDESIGN. This will enable us to do without bulky furniture, and thus gain more space.

Of course it will be appropriate to request a preliminary opinion in a construction engineer, which will also draw up the project and offer us advice for submission of the necessary documentation in the Municipality. Building regulations are variable depending on the different regions and the level of work to be performed for this will be appropriate to inquire carefully before proceeding.

The kitchen

A masonry parapet divides the dining area from the kitchen. The room is not very large, yet acquires amplitude thanks to the light that comes from two of the four sides available. The colors reflect consistency with the common color choices previously, as well as the materials used and the lines that distinguish the furnishings. The back wall was completely bound to a large closet to the wall, while the center is occupied by a very elegant multifunctional island.


We reach the most intimate rooms of the project, first of all the room with double bed. The atmosphere is the same as we got to enjoy in other environments elegance, sobriety, simplicity and refinement. Note the shape of the dresser, a sort of pyramid in stages, which in addition to offer numerous containers, also it provides several support points.

The master bathroom

From the bedroom you finally get to the master bathroom. There are several elements that fit into the luxury bathrooms list. first of all the bath tub perpendicular to the large window that overlooks the garden. The perfect space to relax and enjoy the deserved private moments.

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