How To Open A Center Nail The Experience Of The Successful Franchise Chic Nails

How To Open A Center Nail The Experience Of The Successful Franchise Chic Nails

This article will explain, through the words of those who are on the field, how do you open a center nail affiliating to a successful franchise. Nicoletta Toffali, Director of this fascinating enterprise female named Chic Nails, says in this interview, what are the most important steps to start a franchise in the world of beauty and nail art.
How did you start your adventure as a nail artist

In 1986, so the year before the founding of Chic Nails, me and my future Socia we passionate to this world. Us being from clients and students with a German teacher notes that operated in Spain.
Why have you decided to start a business in this area

We believed from that magical encounter that activity made of art, passion and fashion, targeting women could only give great results and I must say I have great confidence in what we were creating has sent me my dad who, entrepreneur sailed, he glimpsed the real business which we later found.
E 'was difficult to open the first nail center What were the major obstacles

From a structural standpoint and expansion we have not encountered any problems, in fact, on the opening day, 4 April 87, the first store in Italy dedicated to the sun Nails, had already diaries full of appointments; began from that moment an easier path gradually when we made known to the city of Verona (and not only) this new activity.

Likeably difficult was the relationship with the local administration since, the Chamber of Commerce, we had to wait 2 months for the Commission meeting that would decide the acceptance of this activity, hitherto non-existent and, therefore, not registrable , immediately, in the register of Companies.
Where it started the idea of ??becoming a franchisor

By an application for our customer to become one of us, opening a shop across town like ours. From that first store we have understood and shared that the Franchise philosophy applied to a service activity people could become Our enterprise.
What developments are there, in your opinion, in the future in this area and what are the new plan to bet

In Chic Nails we head into a development represented by the integration with other worlds, related to aesthetics; we talk about Hairdressers, Beauticians, Health Centres, where to evolve the concept of integration, the complete look of the person and with it represent the nails, within the entire path of the Personal Care.

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