Glossy Home Furnishings, The Color Space!


Glossy Home Furnishings, The Color Space!

glossy home furnishings Give space to the color and gaiety! Also with regard to the furniture, it explodes a passion for bright colors, strong, bright as a mirror, which shows off the design and make it modern and very attractive. Then discover how to give a touch of color to your home!

The strong colors and superlucide plague even the decor, with gloss colors that blend well with the minimalist design of the furniture. The glossy effect is trendy and makes the furnishings and accessories for even more trendy home. In addition, the bright colors and shiny effect made unique and surprising create in all rooms of the house In particular, the kitchen is one of the environments that best lends itself to being decorated with shiny surfaces extra gloss lacquered finishes for furnishings and accessories for the kitchen will make it dynamic, cheerful and like new!

However, furnish or make the house glossy is really very simple and fun. So many today are the designers and the furniture brand offering complements and accessories in bright colors and brilliant chairs, sofas, ottomans, appliances, lamps, tables, vases are all strictly designed in glossy version! Among the various brands that offer this type of furniture, the Kartell brand which manufactures chairs, tables and lamps with high gloss surfaces.

There are also many designers that create objects for the shining house and functional, such as Carlo Giannini, who has designed a glossy line for kitchen, with accessories from the different chromatic finishes and superlucide. Finally, with regard to technology, the color space dates with colored appliances by Smeg and KitchenAid accessories for cooking! If you really do not find the labels and do not even know what material they are made your pillows, for this first time, take them to the laundry and ask for advice for washing successivi.Un box of special shower and some unique, very modern. Who shares the house with a partner and they both have a great hurry in the morning, they can choose a shower two-seater, separated by an opaque curtain wall, for more privacy.

As well as other types of buildings, as they are shaped containers meet the most important functions the internal separation of the house and its protection from the outside, so as to ensure the safety of residents. It is undoubtedly an ideal construction system, and shortly we will discover why. Today, in fact discover a Korean home, a work of Uni Box experts specialized in original designs .. not to be missed! Browse all fotogalley to discover the glossy home furnishings!

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