Can Dogs Eat Tortilla Chips? Is It Safe For Dog?


As the dogs’ owners, may be you are always confused to share or not all of your cuisine for this lovely furry pet-dog. When you eat their food, sometimes there are their dogs sitting beside you by staring you with shiny and sweet face. Thus, you will give the food up to those dogs. Like human, dogs also like whatever food that has a good smell and looks yummy to be eaten. However, when you eat tortilla chips and the dogs beg you to share the tortilla; you start to wonder “can dogs eat tortilla chips?”, “can I give my dog a few of tortillas?”, and “is it safe for them?” You as the owners often cannot resist giving everything that your dogs want to eat.

Can Dogs Eat Tortilla Chips

Actually, giving your dogs a few of tortillas are not harmful. When you cannot manage it and give this food to be consumed daily, it will be an unhealthy for those canine animals. Can dogs eat tortilla chips? The answer is: it is okay, but it is not recommended. As you know, these canine pets are required to have a diet. You should be careful in feeding them. When you give them bread as their diet menu, one of this bread is including tortillas. Although bread is a major menu in their bowl, you would be better knowing this food first.

Can dogs eat tortilla chips ?

Tortilla is one of kind major item in diet menu. Maybe your dog will eat the tortillas as soon as you give them to your lovely dog. Giving them this cuisine in their bowl all the time is not be a good idea yet. Pets are different with humans; there are several foods that they cannot be consumed often. Tortillas have a worst part that cannot be accepted by dogs. This worst part is an disproportionate amount of salt. Humans cannot eat extremely salty food because it is unhealthy for them. It will be worst for canine animals, because they cannot consume salty food as much as humans do. Just for your information, their digestion system is different like ours. It is designed differently.

Salt is poisonous to dog. Consuming too much salty food as their menu, it will cause a bad effect for your dogs’ body. It is because the effect is an excessive thirsty and urination. If you are often share human’s food to your pet, you may feed the dogs some risky food. Although tortilla is a diet menu and it is not harmful, you are not allowed to feed your dogs using this item. Moreover, if you still want to feed your dogs using tortilla as their diet menu, you can make your home-made tortilla chips. Can dogs eat tortilla chips? It is yes if you make it by yourself. This is an exception because home-made tortilla can be controlled how much of salt that is should be put.

There are two kinds of tortillas that can be found. However, it would be better if you feed them in not extreme amount. The first is from grain, but dogs cannot absorb the grain as well as our body can. Second is from corn. Although the dogs can absorb corn easily, it is not recommended if your dogs have an allergy to this item. Thus, if you think about “can dogs eat tortilla chips?” and “is it safe for the dogs?” the answer is it is not harmful, but it is not a good idea if feeding them continuously. It is because of its salt.

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