Bananas Are Good For Dogs And Give Them Healthy Body


We know that the fruit is very good for our health, but did you know that fruit is also good for your dog? Are Bananas Good For Dogs? Not only the dog will be happy because he gets "human food,” but you will also like the benefits obtained by your dog, which helps with digestion, antioxidants, enhance immunity, better vision, skin and coat healthy. Should consult a veterinarian about the fruit that you give (to avoid if the dog has allergies or health problems should not eat certain fruits). In general, dogs eat meat and poultry. However, often there are owners who whim to give other foods to the dog he loves. One of them fruit. However, even bananas good for dogs beware of the impact of fruit on the health of the dog. Maybe you are fond of avocados, but not with your dog. This fruit contains a toxin that could make him vomit if you eat too much meat or skin.

Bananas good for dog

Are Bananas Good For Dogs?

Give the fruit in small portions, especially the first time to give to your dog. Despite it good fruit, but the fruit has calories and you do not know if your dog is allergic or reacted badly to the fruit, such as gas or abdominal pain. Are Bananas Good For Dogs? Yes as long as you clean the pieces with clean before given to your dog, If possible, introduce a small serving of fruit to your dog since he was small, Some dogs do not like the raw fruit. Try puree and enter into his food. Avoid giving fruit seed (seed) and seed crust hole (Pits / endocarp). Although not all seeds can be problematic, but it is better to avoid being safe, what is known is problematic or poisonous apple seeds (apple cores), crust seed holes: apricot, nectarine, plum, cherry, and peach. Bananas contain a lot of fiber so it is good for the digestion of your dog. Bananas are a good source of potassium is very good to avoid the condition of hypokalemia. Potassium is urgently required for the movement.

Consumption of banana is done as complementary foods alone, as a substitute for healthy snack and rich benefits. Are Bananas Good For Dogs? Yes of course and you can vary the presentation of fruit for your dog to be consumed directly or made in the form of biscuit snack that your dog will be happier. Mixing fruit with yoghurt can be the right choice. When you eat yogurt does not hurt you share with your dog. Yogurt is very good for your dog, especially for digestion, but to stop consuming if the effects of diarrhea in your dog.

Are Bananas Good for Dogs always become a question?

However, you need to consider not give grapes or raisins on your dog because it includes dangerous food. Highly nutritious fruit that is full of surprises is not only good for humans but also for your dog. Substances contained in bananas can supplement the nutritional needs of your dog. However, do not be too much to give to your dog a banana. Too much potassium / potassium is not good for dogs. Besides can cause constipation, too much potassium can cause heart problems. Remember, any excess is not good.

You should understand that dog food must be low in fat, good tasting and nutritious. Therefore, you need to make healthy food choices that will suit the taste preferences of your dog. Vegetables and fruits are Bananas Good for Dogs probably the best homemade food you can offer to your pet. You can try to give him a piece of raw sweet baby carrots, broccoli, and sweet red peppers, apples, pears and Bananas good for dogs, or you can combine these greenies and see what appeals to the tastes of your dog. Treats that are rich in protein can be easily presented to your pet by beef liver baking in the oven, but keep away from your dog food with chicken skin and bones cooked snacks can be caused by allergies and can choke your pet and damage the intestines.

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