Are Potatoes Good For Dogs Or Are Potatoes Bad For Dogs?


May be some of dog’s owners have wondered “are potatoes good for dogs or are potatoes bad for dogs?” Feeding dogs some potatoes are not harmful actually. It is because dogs are omnivore animals. Obviously, their digestive system is appropriate with meat and bone, but they now can eat meat and plant. There are some factors to be considered before feeding your furry friends. Veggie that you have to avoid is Nightshade family. This family can make a difficult matter. If your pooch does not like with that family, you can feed them with yams and sweet potato that have high nutrition and more suitable for your canine friends. You can share potatoes to your dogs, but do it in the right way.

are potatoes good for dogsCan I give my dog potatoes?

Are potatoes good for dogs? Yes, you can give your dogs potatoes. It will be good for dogs if you cook it first and feed them in moderation. Potatoes contain vitamins A, vitamins B, vitamins C and iron that is important for your dogs’ growth. However, keep in your mind that you are not allowed to serve raw potatoes. It is also a high-quality dog food from veggies family. Sweet potatoes are better than white variety if you want to feed them with good quality potatoes.

All that you have to first is preparing the potatoes properly. Try to always wash the potato first, peel it, and boil it until soft. It should be better if you always cook them first when you fed your canine. Raw potatoes contain solanine -a naturally chemical-. It is a poison that can affect you pooch’s nervous system. If you make mashed potatoes, you have to consider the ingredients before you give it to your lovely dogs. Sometimes, people add butter, cheese salt, etc. make sure that all the ingredients are safe for you furry friends. Thus, the questions such as, “are potatoes good for dogs?” or “are potatoes bad for dogs?” will be depended on how you feed them. You have to consider the way you serve the potatoes and all the ingredients that you use.  Make sure that you do not use salt and preservative.

Since potatoes are starchy veggie and high in carbohydrates, so your dogs must be active. It aims to burn the calories and to avoid obesity. It should be done, because dogs have complex dietary requirements. Besides potatoes are healthy and they have good nutrients for dogs. Although it is good for your dogs, you have to limit your dogs’ consumption. Back to the question, ”are potatoes good for dogs?” Do not forget if your buddies need meat. Although potatoes are starchy veggie, you have to consider its high Glycemic Index. You can share your potatoes for your dogs, but keep them as secondary food not as primary food. Besides Vitamins C and iron are not help your dogs too much as you think.

Are potatoes good for dogs? The answer can change into no. Why? It is not allowed if the potatoes are in potato chips, baked potatoes with seasoning, French fries, and potato skins forms. This is because the recipes of those foods are more salty and oily, so it is not good for your buddies’ health. Seasonings can cause an upset stomach. Potato skins and baked potatoes are usually served with butter, cheese, and cream that are harmful for your pooch’s health. However, how about if your dogs eat one of them? Do not be afraid. If your pets are diarrhea or vomiting, you only have to give your dogs some clean water to prevent dehydration.

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