5 Tips Caring For Dog After Spay Surgery


Surgery is not fun anymore. It also occurs to pet. Spaying the dogs is good for their health. They can be spared from pyometra and breast cancer. It can also control the population of pets. It takes approximately until 14 days. Showing our loves and caring for dog after spay surgery is very important to recovery their condition. These are five tips how to care for a dog after spaying.

caring for dog after spay

Tips Caring For Dog After Spay Surgery

The first tips caring for dog after spay surgery is taking care the dog after the spaying directly. After she takes her spay surgery, we should make the situation qualm and silent. It is for the sake of her recovery. She needs an adequate time to take a rest. Do not invite the neighborhood to visit the dog. It is because she will be happy if there is people pay a call her. It will make her tends to move her body while her body need a rest after her spaying. Then, stay at home during 24 hours after dog’s spaying. It should be better if the owner watches her condition directly. Make sure if the dog eats, not pain, poop, etc. Call a vet if there is a problem that makes you worry. However, if you have an important schedule you can search the animal keeper. Furthermore, give less food the dog after their spay surgery. The dog can eat normally after a day she takes her spaying. Try to leave the dog during 4 hours after several days of her spaying. It aims to search a way in helping her from her pain.

Do not let the dog licks her injury is the he second tips caring for dog after spay surgery.  Leave the bandage on the dog covering her injury for 24 hours. It aims to prevent bacterial infection. Beside you can give her cone collar to avoid her from licking her injury. Its form is like the collar in Elizabeth age. Choose the right collar for the dog. If there is other dog, give her a shirt to be worn.

The next tips caring for dog after spay surgery is healing the scar. Check the scar every day and every night. As the part of healing process, the tip of the scar will be swollen. Be on your guard if there is a sign of infection. Call a vet to take this case. After that, clean the scarf if it is dirty. The last is making sure if her bed is clean in order to avoid a contamination. The fourth tip is helping the dog to take an adequate rest. It is important to avoid anything that can loose the scar and loose the scar cover. Do not let she does a physic activity and tie her if you are not at home. In addition, treat her gently.

The last tip caring for dog after spay surgery is helping the dog pass her pain. Give her the medicine to decrease a pain that vet has given. Do not use the medicine without recipe from the vet. See if there is a sign if she is in pain. The several signs are discomfort, whimper or cry, body posture, behavior, etc. do not hesitate if you see the dog is in pain to calling a vet. Be aware of the serious symptom such as the dog does not want to eat or drink something after 48 hours, sick or diarrhea, there is extrication in the scar, weak and tired. Do a recheck if you find these symptoms to protect her.

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