How Long Should Dogs Eat Puppy Food Until They Become Adult?

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Like humans, puppies also like babies. Their food is also based on their age stage. They have to be provided nutrition to build their muscle, strong teeth, and strong bone for their growth. When the owner has a puppy for the first time, they will be confused because dog’s food is so limited. Because puppies also grow fast, so they have to avoid food which contains rich protein, vitamin, fat, and carbohydrate. It aims to prevent them from obesity. To make them grow optimally, high quality food with best ingredients is required. This food has to have a best specialized in diet formula to keep them health. Besides there is some information about how long do dogs eat puppy food’s guidance that can make the owners especially for the first time puppy owner is confused.  Because of this problem, they wonder about the question how long should dogs eat puppy food until they become adult.

how long should dogs eat puppy food

Answers From a Question About How Long Should Dogs Eat Puppy Food

There are some answers from a question about how long should dogs eat puppy food until they become adult. Dog food guidance says that it is until 12 months, vet says that it is until 6 and 18 months for Basset hound, and the last is it is until 18 months. Generally, how long does a dog eat puppy food is about 12 months. It is because they start to be able transferring their puppy food into adult food. They begin their transition stage when they approach adult height. To determine when they are suitable to switch their food is also based on their breed type. Large breed dogs tend to mature longer than small breed dogs physically.

To know how long should dogs eat puppy food, these are the guidelines to help decide whether dogs are adult or not. Small breed dogs those become able to eat adult food if they have weigh 20 pounds at 9 to 12 months age. While medium breed dogs will rich their adult age if their weight between 20 and 50 pounds at 12 to 14 months age.

Many of first puppy owners still wonder, “How Long Should Dogs Eat Puppy Food Until They Become Adult?” To make it easier to be understood, this is a general timeline for puppy’s first year of life. When they are 6-12 weeks, they should be fed a diet formula puppy food to fill their proper nutrition. In a day, they are usually enough to be fed four times. For large breeds, they should be fed dry food through 9 or 10 weeks and for small breed dogs through 12 or 13 weeks. When they age are 3-6 months, they are fed only 3 times a day. Puppies should lose their pudginess and potbelly through 12 weeks. They start to be fed twice a day when they are 6-12 months. After that, change puppy food into adult food. Medium breed dogs need 12, 13, even 14 months to do it while small breed dogs only need 7, 8, even 9 months. Adult dogs can eat two half portions a day if they are after age one.

When make a transition from switching puppy food into adult food, the owner should make it slowly to prevent dogs from diarrhea. Watch the dogs and their body condition. Switch it gradually. First, feeding the dogs use 75% puppy food and 25 % adult food. Then, mix those foods 50/50 ratio. After that, give them 25% puppy food and 75% adult food. The last, switch it I nto 100% adult food. That is how long should dogs eat puppy food until they become adult.

How Many Times A Day Should A Dog Eat To Make Them Always Healthy

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So you’ve just arrived home with a little bundle of your new joy and have settled in, buy a bed, his toys, lead and collar, and then it occurred to you that you need to know how and How Many Times A Day Should A Dog Eat to start feed your dog. Look no further. Here is an easy guide to help you with the most important issues surrounding eating dog. Your puppy thrives on routine and will appreciate the special place to eat, Bowl clean, fresh water is essential to maintaining the health and uneaten food must remove after every meal. Try to keep certain times and routines for meal times too. Your puppy needs to enormous energy because they are growing so quickly always remove any uneaten food. Remember the puppy belly is very small and this is the reason why we only feed them small amounts at a time.

How Many Times A Day Should A Dog Eat

How many times should a dog eat in a day ?

When weaning your dog, you should always try to stick to the same food. Dog breeder you should be able to tell you the type of dog food you have started. How Many Times a Day Should a Dog Eat If there is a need, however, to change the feed, please do so gradually over at least a week. Add some new food for native food every time. How many times should a dog eat in a day  A radical change in diet can interfere with sensitive stomach and cause diarrhea puppy. Complete dog foods are usually made of kibbles smaller than an adult dog food. These small kibbles are much better suited for small mouths and teeth of their dogs. They also contain high protein and milk powder was essential for good growth and development in their first month of life. Packed full of vitamins and minerals, a complete dog food is delicious and nutritious foods that they will enjoy.

If you are planning to draw up a dog treat in your own kitchen, you have to understand that dog food must be low in fat, good tasting and nutritious. Therefore, How Many Times a Day Should a Dog Eat then you need to make healthy food choices that will suit the taste preferences of your dog. Vegetables and fruits are probably the best homemade food you can offer to your pet. You can try to give him a piece of raw sweet baby carrots, broccoli, and sweet red peppers, apples, pears and bananas, or you can combine these greenies and see what appeals to the tastes of your dog.

How Many Times a Day Should a Dog Eat that are rich in protein can be easily presented to your pet by beef liver baking in the oven, but keep away from your dog food with chicken skin and bones cooked snacks can be caused by allergies and can choke your pet and damage the intestines. Of course, not all pet owners have the time in the world to make treats for their pets. If you are one of these dog owners, time constraints should never be a reason for you to ignore your dog’s health. You can still provide the best and healthy treat for your dog to buy snacks from a trusted brand of dog food that is known to treat the healthy and the food is scientifically formulated to enhance the dog’s diet.

There is a simple solution to the problem of how to introduce your dog to the natural organic food and How Many Times a Day Should a Dog Eat. Just start with a small amount of organic food for regular meals your dog mix, and observe how he reacts. Continue to increase the ratio of the organic food regular meals for a few days. Soon, how many times should a dog eat in a day so your meticulous eater will eat all natural foods, organic? With this approach, you do not have to buy a big bag of organic food. Trying to start with a small package, this way you will be able to control how much you spend on organic food naturally. The worst thing that can happen is that your dog does not like organic food. If this happens, you do not have to worry about being stuck with a large sack of organic dog food you will never eat.

Is Popcorn Bad For Dogs And Can Cause Harm For Them, Lets Find The Answers

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The whole world, the more people know how important it is to live healthy lives and they are making changes to make themselves healthier and fitter. Healthy lifestyle does not only apply to people, however. For dog owners, it is important that they make sure that their beloved pet dog also enjoys a healthy lifestyle. By eating organic foods your dog, you can help make him healthier. We all know that some snack like popcorn is delicious for us but Is Popcorn Bad for Dogs? Therefore, it is important to be familiar with what you should avoid and where it is safe for your dogs.

is popcorn bad for dogs

If you are never, sure ask your veterinarian before you start feeding your dog a healthy treat. One thing to remember Is Popcorn Bad for Dogs, which means that they are unable to digest some foods, while cat’s carnivores and are not able to digest some foods. This is usually done when your dog accompany you watch your favorite DVD. You look like a mediocre provides snacks that seem harmless, but popcorn can cause obstruction of the upper airways. Is popcorn bad for dogs to eat? In some case, popcorn can make shortness of breath resulting in death.

Is Popcorn Bad for Dogs? I said not, if you can provide the popcorn without butter and salt. Popcorn is very low calorie, and contains calcium and phosphorus that was instrumental in the growth of bone. Many dogs are fussy eaters. If you want to introduce your picky eater to snack like popcorn, do not despair! There is a simple solution to the problem of how to introduce your dog to the snack lie popcorn. Just start with a small amount of snack for regular meals your dog mix, and observe how he reacts. If is popcorn bad for dogs to eat or not you can observe it then continue to increase the ratio of the snack regular meals for a few days. Soon, your picky eater will eat all natural foods, organic.

With this approach, you do not have to worry if your dog sometimes eats popcorn. Trying to start with a small package, this way you will be able to control how much you spend on snacks naturally. The worst thing that can happen is that your dog does not like another food or in other words addicted to snacks only. If this happens, you do not have to worry about being stuck with a question Is Popcorn Bad for Dogs. You get quality pet food from the kitchen to be honest. To ensure that your dog have a proper meal for her best to make dog food yourself so that you know exactly what your dog is eating and what material it is, it’s not as difficult as you might think to prepare homemade dog food yourself, you can make batch up in one go and freeze that lasted all week. What you need to do is look into a variety of healthy dog ​​food recipes and ingredients to make sure you feed your dog right foods and you are off.

You should also note that your dog looks much healthier and have more energy than before when it was the commercial food, and it will most likely live longer too. Human food may not fully meet the nutritional needs of their dogs in a way that could be the quality of pet food. Although owners often treat their pets as humans, dogs and humans have very different dietary needs. A healthy dog ​​food is the best thing owners should feed their dogs. Is Popcorn Bad for Dogs, people already prove it, could be the food that you make at home, because fresh is always best. However, need to be fit for dogs, including basic meat or other protein, with a little extra grocery. For a wise choice, do not make quick decisions about something that will have a huge impact on the health of your pet, but rather, to consider all the options available. The first thing that many consumers see is the brand name and logos provided on the front of the package.

5 Tips Caring For Dog After Spay Surgery

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Surgery is not fun anymore. It also occurs to pet. Spaying the dogs is good for their health. They can be spared from pyometra and breast cancer. It can also control the population of pets. It takes approximately until 14 days. Showing our loves and caring for dog after spay surgery is very important to recovery their condition. These are five tips how to care for a dog after spaying.

caring for dog after spay

Tips Caring For Dog After Spay Surgery

The first tips caring for dog after spay surgery is taking care the dog after the spaying directly. After she takes her spay surgery, we should make the situation qualm and silent. It is for the sake of her recovery. She needs an adequate time to take a rest. Do not invite the neighborhood to visit the dog. It is because she will be happy if there is people pay a call her. It will make her tends to move her body while her body need a rest after her spaying. Then, stay at home during 24 hours after dog’s spaying. It should be better if the owner watches her condition directly. Make sure if the dog eats, not pain, poop, etc. Call a vet if there is a problem that makes you worry. However, if you have an important schedule you can search the animal keeper. Furthermore, give less food the dog after their spay surgery. The dog can eat normally after a day she takes her spaying. Try to leave the dog during 4 hours after several days of her spaying. It aims to search a way in helping her from her pain.

Do not let the dog licks her injury is the he second tips caring for dog after spay surgery.  Leave the bandage on the dog covering her injury for 24 hours. It aims to prevent bacterial infection. Beside you can give her cone collar to avoid her from licking her injury. Its form is like the collar in Elizabeth age. Choose the right collar for the dog. If there is other dog, give her a shirt to be worn.

The next tips caring for dog after spay surgery is healing the scar. Check the scar every day and every night. As the part of healing process, the tip of the scar will be swollen. Be on your guard if there is a sign of infection. Call a vet to take this case. After that, clean the scarf if it is dirty. The last is making sure if her bed is clean in order to avoid a contamination. The fourth tip is helping the dog to take an adequate rest. It is important to avoid anything that can loose the scar and loose the scar cover. Do not let she does a physic activity and tie her if you are not at home. In addition, treat her gently.

The last tip caring for dog after spay surgery is helping the dog pass her pain. Give her the medicine to decrease a pain that vet has given. Do not use the medicine without recipe from the vet. See if there is a sign if she is in pain. The several signs are discomfort, whimper or cry, body posture, behavior, etc. do not hesitate if you see the dog is in pain to calling a vet. Be aware of the serious symptom such as the dog does not want to eat or drink something after 48 hours, sick or diarrhea, there is extrication in the scar, weak and tired. Do a recheck if you find these symptoms to protect her.

Dangerous Foods for Your Dogs

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Do you know that there are some certain human dangerous foods for your dogs and you are strictly forbidden to even think about giving them to your beloved pets? If you are clueless about these foods that are dangerous for your dogs, you aren’t alone. There are hundreds and even thousands of dog owners who don’t know about this. But we are here to learn and sometimes it is easier to learn from other people’s mistakes and errors. So, let’s start the journey by knowing what are human foods best avoided for your dogs.

Dangerous Foods for Dogs

Dangerous Foods for Your Dogs: Dairy Products

Milk and cheese are included in the category of dangerous foods for dogs. Sure, they are yummy and they are healthy, containing important nutrients, minerals, and vitamins – but those are for humans, not dogs.

Wait, aren’t puppies drinking milk from their mothers? Okay, you need to understand that difference. First of all, the milk we are talking is the dairy products so it is not the natural breast that mothers give to their youngs. Second, even puppies can develop lactose intolerance issues – just like humans. It is always better to avoid giving the processed milk to puppies or dogs. You see, milk contains this special milk sugar that needs to be broken down by the body. Unfortunately, all dogs don’t have the enzymes to do the breaking down process – so their body simply can’t tolerate and process the milk. Expect signs of diarrhea, vomiting, or other stomach issue. Milk may not be dangerous but leaving the issue untreated can lead to serious and severe bacterial exposure.

As for the cheese, it is another dairy product containing fatty components and sugars – your dogs don’t have the enzymes to process them. If you feed your dogs with excessive cheese products, they can show signs of vomiting, diarrhea, and gas.

Dangerous Foods for Your Dogs: Chocolate and Caffeine

Everyone knows that chocolate is a tasty treat and you may not mean to harm your dogs. After all, you want to share the tasty food with them but chocolate is poisonous for dogs. You see, there is a certain stimulant named as theobromine that is similar to caffeine and it can affect the central nervous system, kidneys, and the heart. The level of theobromine will be different from one type of chocolate to another, with the highest content found in the dark chocolate. If your dogs show signs of theobromine poisoning, they may show sign of seizures, hyperactivity, restlessness, diarrhea, and vomiting.

So far, there is no cure for theobromine. The vet may make your dogs vomit or give them a drip – the treatments vary according to the level of severity and the poisoning signs.

Caffeine is included in the lists of dangerous foods for your dogs because it contains stimulants. When compared to human, dogs are basically more sensitive to caffeine and it can lead to serious issues. When they are ‘poisoned’ by caffeine, the signs are mostly similar to the chocolate poisoning and the treatments are also the same.

Dangerous Foods for Your Dogs: Chives, Onions, and Garlic

What other food dogs can’t eat? The herbs of chives, garlic, and onions are dangerous for your dogs. When consumed excessively, they will result in stomach and gut (gastrointestinal) irritation, which can lead to further and serious issue of the damage of your red blood cells. Your dogs will be able to tolerate it if the amount isn’t too much or excessive. But if they consume too much, those herbs can actually be dangerous for them.

In the event that you feed them with foods containing these herbs, observe their condition. Onions are especially dangerous for the dogs and the signs may happen within several days after the consumption. Whatever types of onions you give them (raw onions, dehydrated ones, cooked onions, and even the food scraps containing onions), they can be dangerous. Weakness and inability to move around will be the most apparent signs. Your dogs will constantly look tired and they will have the difficulty to move. Their urine may be dark red or orange. If the red blood cells have been affected, they may need a blood transfusion as the only treatment.

Dangerous Foods for Your Dogs: Other Foods

There are still some dangerous foods for your dogs to consume, including the macadamia nuts. Health experts believe that there are certain substances inside the nuts that are dangerous to dogs although they haven’t figured out exactly what. When your dogs consume the nuts, they may show signs of tremors, hyperthermia, weakness, vomiting, and depression within 12 hours after the consumption. The best way is to contact your vet ASAP and take your dogs there.

What are other dangerous foods for your dogs? Avocado may be beneficial and healthy for you but it is definitely toxic for the dogs. It contains a certain substance called Persin that can be found on the tree bark, seeds, fruits, and leaves. Consuming the Persin can lead to diarrhea and vomiting. If it is not treated right away, fluid accumulation may happen around the heart that can lead to breathing difficulty and other congestion.

The yeast from the bread dough can also be dangerous for your dogs. You probably want to have a chubby dog and think that there is no harm in feeding them the bread. Well, feel free to give them the bread – as long as it is made without the yeast. You see, the yeast will expand inside the dog’s digestive system and cause gas accumulation to happen. This can be truly painful for the dogs; not to mention that their digestive system may be blocked and obstructed. Lethargy, abdominal discomfort, and vomiting are the most visible signs of the yeast poisoning. It’s okay to give them  small treats of the bread (provided that the yeast has developed) but you should never give them the dough with the undeveloped yeast.

Now that you know that some of the human foods can be dangerous to dogs, it is best to avoid them. It would be best if you can make the lists of the dangerous foods for your dogs so you won’t forget about them.


Can Dogs Eat Lettuce? Is It Good or Bad for Dogs?

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May be it is rare if there is a question, “Can Dogs Eat Lettuce? Is It Good or Bad for Dogs?” Dogs are known as carnivore animals. They are usually described by using a bone sign. Dogs usually eat bone or other dog’s foods from pet shop. It is because they have sharp canines. Although the traditional fact is that, eating a lettuce is good for them actually, because for broader fact dogs are omnivore animals. For human, lettuce is a healthy food for their body but what about dog? Do dogs eat lettuce? Actually, dogs will enjoy lettuce when they are given lettuce from their owner. Lettuce is good for them because it does not contain any toxic in it. All types of the lettuce can be eaten by the dogs including lettuce from Icebergs and Romaines. However, do not be often feeding those dogs with lettuce because it has high fiber that is not easy to be chewed by the dogs.

Can dog eat lettuce

Can dog eat lettuce ?

Is it good or bad for dogs? Of course yes, lettuce is safe. Lettuce is high in fiber. This veggie can help the dogs in their diet program. Thus, lettuce is good for dogs. However, the portion is should be proportional. If the owner gives the dogs too much this veggie, they will pass a digestive problem. Dogs can it lettuce in small pieces or make it to be a steam to make the dogs to digest it easily. Beside steamed lettuce can serve many vitamins in this process.

Dogs eat lettuce because they are same with cats if cats are omnivore animals. When feeding them by using lettuce, make sure to wash the lettuce carefully. Do not leave any chemicals and bacteria on it. Dogs also like humans. They love crunchy parts than soft parts of this veggie, while other dogs love both of them. Other owners prefer to give them lettuce salad. This is wrong, because it is not safe for dogs and might a complication issue in health if they eat it. Thus, can dog eat lettuce? If lettuce salad can make a health problem. If the owners still want to give them lettuce salad make sure if the ingredients are safe for the dogs or just make it in simple way to avoid something bad happens to them.

Can dogs eat lettuce? The whole of parts of lettuce or the small pieces of lettuce for dogs? As mentioned before, dogs will eat the lettuce comfortably in the small pieces. Moreover, steamed lettuce is the best option to feed the dogs. It is recommended because it has rich vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that dogs become able to permeate those. It is also to prevent dogs pass a hard time when they chew the leaves. If the leaves are out from their mouth, so they will not have the benefit from the lettuce leaves itself. In small amounts green leaves will make good sense. They have less calories, good fiber, vitamin A, beta-carotene, and vitamin k. Beside they have less iron and folate.

If someone asks, “Can dogs eat lettuce? Is it good or bad for dogs?” The ultimate answer is yes it is safe for dogs. It is also good for them specially steamed lettuce. Lettuce can make them prevent obesity. Do not forget to feed the dogs in adequate portions. It can also cause any healthy issues. However if the portions are enough, there are so many benefits that dogs can take from consuming lettuce well and routinely.

Learn About How Many Dogs In The World And Their Respective Food

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If you are a new dog owner, chances are, you are having trouble choosing the right brand of dog food for your pet. How Many Dogs Are In the World right now You should understand that the mental and physical condition as well as performance, longevity, energy and general health of your four-legged friend or strongly associated with the food that you give him. Any discussion about dog nutrition dog starts with appropriate information, and always put in mind that if the dog food advertised as too good to be true, then it is possible. The sum nutritional value not packaged for sale in a few cents.

How Many Dogs Are In The World

Your pet is a valuable resource of love and happiness, which is why the quality of dog food is something that you should not save. With a choice of dog food you have on hand, you may ask where to get information right dog to guide me in finding the right food for my pet? The first thing you should do is to collect information about how many dogs are there in the world on the product label on dog foods. How Many Dogs Are In the World? Always take into consideration that all the products can be eaten dog is required to register their composition, and dog food containing the best ingredients and nutritional elements balanced by proudly displaying the information. It is important that you learn the dog food label and call or write the manufacturer to find out what you feed your pets.


How Many Dogs Are In the World? There is many kind of dog in the world so carefully check the labels of each brand of dog food that you buy, you will be educated about the types of materials used to manufacture these products as well as the source, amount, quality of protein, fats, and carbohydrates it contains. You can make a comparison of dog food appropriate based on the information you obtain from the labels of food products of different dogs and use them to secure the right food for your pet. When the desired information about how many dogs are there in the world is not contained in the marking / label dog food, set aside and choose another product. In addition to dog food label, you can also get information from the dog-depth personal site dog food manufacturer. One case in point is the honest kitchen dog food line, which is highly visible online presence that truly helps dog owners understand their products. By navigating through their website, you will have a background about the ingredients that companies use to formulate their dog food products and how these products work to meet the nutritional needs of pets. You will also be informed about the processes they use to develop their canine formula, which is an important resource if you want to know their quality dog ​​food.

Interactive website owned by honest the kitchen was also updated, to make sure pet owners see new information and informative. You will also be introduced to the professionals behind them about how Many Dogs Are In the World and what kind of dog food products that good for them, which is a good tool for you to find people who truly understand the needs of your dog. The line of dog food frank website is the one stop where dog owners can find all the information about their products, which must define each manufacturer of dog food they need. Therefore, if you intend to buy dog ​​food products from honest, all you have to do is visit their website and gather all the information you need to assist you in establishing a sound purchasing decision.

How Many Dogs Are In the World information found on food labels and manufacturers website dog bit complicated for you to understand, you can always pay a visit to the vet your pet or pets at a professional quality. For sure not only will they help you identify the right food to feed your pet, they will also help you develop a diet that is right for Buddy. In some veterinary clinics, there is a reference source for the nutritional requirements of a dog that given free and you can take advantage of. Once you understand all of the information you have collected, looking for the right dog food for your pet will not be a difficult task anymore.